DAY 2 – A picture of solidarity and respect

Second morning began with realizing that I’m already deeply in process of making unique paths of relationships with other people in the group.

For example, me and Oscar already established internal joke – just before the start of morning lecture in Progress Gallery we pretended that our chairs are actually chairs for anonymous alcoholic meeting. We exchanged our imaginary alcoholic life stories (he didn’t have a drink for six months!) and after that real life in our chair circle started its own story – story about reality that should be changed.

We heard about bad farming habits and less harmful ways of food production. There are so many different ways of growing food process that doesn’t bring bad effects with it, so there is always a choice, universal lesson that we should remind us from time to time.

In the early afternoon we visited Green Market and bought some examples of local grown vegetables, fruits and seeds. I’m glad that I saw once again my people playing role of kindness and honesty (they didn’t hide that everyone uses chemicals in the process of growing food), because it gave me picture of solidarity and respect.

After that for the first time we visited first Serbian community garden located in a village near Belgrade. There we had nice refreshment and a speech introduction by Kaca, one of the founders. Than happened the part of the day that I enjoyed the most, we had two practical projects: building compost toilet and fire area. Garden looked so alive! I think that it’s going to be the nicest feeling when we go back again in 2 days and enjoy in things that we made – fire place looks like place for little theatre plays.

In the evening me and my anonymous alcoholic friends went in Ciglana – abondened factory that is more alive than the time when it was actually working. We had delicious dinner in a beautiful September night.

Second daily circle ended with nice feeling of exhaustion. It was a long day!

See you tomorrow!


Tomislav, Serbia

September 7th, 2017

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