DAY 1 – Good food, good life!

After a nice breakfast we headed to the Progres gallery, where today’s workshops took place.

First block was dedicated to energizing our slowed down morning energies and getting to know each other. We did some simple but cool games in a circle. It was really fun, in the end everyone not only remembered everyone’s name in 15 minutes, but was able to dance everyone’s “move”!

During the coffee breaks we had the opportunity to have a taste of Turkey. Turkish participants offered us with some tea, sarmas in grape leaves and turkish delights. Thanks, Mehmet!

After lunch we learnt about Erasmus+, EVS and Youthpass. It was interesting to learn about the possibilities we have as young European citizens. It was also interesting to hear from the first hand how it was a life-changing experience (thanks Boža for sharing!).

Facilitators from Turkey and Britain had their very inspirational presentations/workshops. We reminded ourselves how important it is to change our habits considering consumerism. It’s better to be a “prosumer” than a “consumer”, which means to recycle, use things in a new way, repair them, and try in a creative way not to contribute to the pollution of the environment and production of trash. We’re responsible for everything we own, use, and buy, and that attitude makes the “quiet revolution” happen. We can’t be apart from nature, after all!

After dinner we had a short “movie night” in our hostel. We watched few short movies about organic farming. I’ve never seen such truly, healthily happy people on a movie before!

I’ll borrow the conclusion from one of the farmers as the summary of today’s day: “It’s all about fun! Have good food, good life, good family… That’s fun!” 🙂

Thanks everyone for making this happen! Looking forward to tomorrow…



Danijela, Croatia

September 6th, 2017

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