About Project

Project “Get Growing Your Community (GGYC)” Background

There is a high rate of youth unemployment in Europe due to the socio-economical crises. Being unemployed, too many young people are at risk of poverty or exclusion. This is especially accurate for young people with a migrant background, including newly arrived immigrants and young refugees.

Project aims to enable 18-30 unemployed youth who are at risk of poverty or exclusion (including immigrants and young refugees) to gain organic gardening and basic entrepreneurship skills in order to improve their employability and foster their inclusion. Trough this project, it is our intention to bring 20 youngsters coming from different cultures and religions to meet in a stimulative, creative, challenging and natural surroundings such as a community garden, hoping to inspire a sense of initiative among them.

GGYC Project Objectives

  • To support youth personal development and their employability in the European labour market and beyond
  • To provide youth with the necessary skills to participate actively in their community building, using the gardening as a tool
  • To raise youth awareness and understanding of other cultures and countries, offering them the opportunity to build networks of international contacts
  • To enhance youth English language competences

GGYC Project Activities

During 6 days, youngsters will gain practical skills on organic gardening (such as planting, mulching, composting) and basic entrepreneurship. Trainers will use a variety of interactive indoor and outdoor activities, as well as discussions and games. Program also includes Garden cinema, Community Garden Party and mingling with members of the first community garden in Serbia and only in Belgrade called Bastaliste.

GGYC Project Results

Participants will be provoked to start own food production enterprise, find a job in raising organic food production sector or to start a community garden as a small enterprise. In a sentence, participants will improve their employability lower the risk of poverty and marginalisation while having their awareness and understanding of other cultures and countries raised. Youthpass key competences and English language improved will enable them to feel and act as a EU citizen.


Overall, project will contribute to nature protection trough practicing organic gardening, organic food production and healthy lifestyles promotion.