Welcome Note

We are super happy to meet and host you in Serbia!

Get Growing Your Community” is a very special project and event for “Ama – Center for the Care of People and Nature” for two reasons: Since Serbia is not EU member, our country has a limited access to Erasmus+. Actually, this year is first time we could apply for the Youth Exchange project – only 13 projects were approved by the Tempus Foundation as the body responsible for the implementation of the Erasmus+ Programme in Serbia¬†and we are super excited to be one of them! The second reason is that this project is the first international event to be held in the first community garden in Belgrade and Serbia! Our garden is only 4 years and we as the coordinator, as well as our members will very much appreciate experiences you are bringing – big thanks to project partners for taking part and huge contribution to make this project come to realization.

We hope we’ll all learn from each other and have a great time together in Serbia – for sure we’ll do our best to make your stay in Serbia pleasant.

Katarina Milenkovic,

Ama Center, Serbia